Holistic Addiction Treatment Methods

Addiction is easier than ever to cope these days thanks to many recovering addicts and people who care. Holistic medicine practitioners and holistic experts in communities nationwide are working together to offer the holistic methods for addiction treatment that have helped thousands of people. Here are some of the most effective holistic addiction treatment available today.


Massage is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have on this earth. Massages stimulate blood flow while at the same time allowing the body and mind to relax. In rehab, it is possible to get full body massages which can help find blockages or sensitive spots within the body. By identifying pain and blockage, a recovering addict can help balance their physical wellness. It is possible to get just head massages or feet massages. With a foot massage and reflexology, it is possible to stimulate all parts of the body, because everything in our body has a connection to the feet.

Yoga and meditation

Emotional control and stability are important to addiction recovery. Yoga help with both. Meditation is a great tool to help calm the mind from tumultuous emotions. Sometimes it is difficult to come to terms with traumas that happen throughout life or just general stress. The peace and concentration that both yoga and meditation require to make it possible to help cope with many of life’s curve balls. From learning unusual body positions to mold into to sitting peacefully letting the energy flow freely from within makes yoga and meditation a winner in aiding in recovery.

Nutritional Therapy

Food like drugs can control the way we feel. With the right nutritional plan, recovering addicts can feel great. A healthy body requires a balance of good food, sleep, and exercise. Holistic nutritionists in rehabs can teach recovering addicts a proper diet to help them on their way to balancing their hormones and energy levels. The nice thing is the food tastes delicious and is fun to prepare.


Exercise can solve everything for some people, but it does not do this for everyone. What exercise can do for recovering addicts is help them feel better. Exercise can help raise self-esteem and energy all while helping to maintain a healthy heart. Exercise is a healthy holistic treatment for recovering addicts because it helps stimulate good hormones that help make people feel good.


Acupuncture is the process of sticking small needles into pressure points on the body. You are in a relaxed environment in acupuncture being treated by a professional acupuncturist in rehab. The stimulation of the needles helps target pain and stress points that otherwise may be missed by you or your general doctor. Acupuncture is used to help relieve back pain, headaches and neck pain

Recovering from addiction is a lifelong effort. Holistic addiction treatment like these help people get back to a balanced way of life without being addicted to a substance that harms them. Rehabs across the globe with the help of the holistic community use holistic methods to improve the lives of recovering addicts.

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