Make your grandmother feel like the queen she really is on her birthday

Fruit baskets are the most beautiful looking things that a person can  gift someone else. It’s your grandma’s birthday next week and you know more than anything she loves fruit jams. There was a time when she used to bite off hard guavas in one go with her strong teeth, but alas most of them are all gone now and what’s left is her love for jams in everything.

Remember the time you used to visit her as a kid and she used to whip up your favourite dishes for you even as your mom complained  they were too much? Our grandmothers love feeding us and taking care of us no matter how much they themselves need that care, feeding  and looking after. They always put their needs behind the family’s and will serve their children and grandchildren with utmost love and  joy.

The best gift you  can give your grandmother on her birthday is fruit gift baskets filled with jam.

 Now, you might be thinking what’s so great about a fruit jam basket? Here is where the twist lies. We’re not asking you to  give her just bottles of jam. Given below are  a few simple jam based dishes that we want you to make for your grandmother to make her feel extra special on her special day.

1. Raspberry and Hazelnut Galette: This is a rustic tart and you’ll find many versions of it over the internet. You can make the simplest one you find or make something that needs a little more expertise. Parchment paper will be of great use when you make this tart. If you use it while rolling out the delicate crust then it’ll keep the crust from sticking to the counter.

  1. Almond cupcakes stuffed with Jam: These cupcakes can be made with either almond flour or a mixture of almond flour and all purpose flour. The citrusy sweet tang from the jam filling in the centre of the cupcake makes everything feel good in the world.
  2. Fruit bottom yoghurt cups: They are super simple to make and require little to no effort at all if you have all the ingredients available. You can mix a little bit of cream with the yoghurt to make the texture creamier and then add a lot of Jam with the fruits to make it an amazing treat.
  3. Jam Tarts: The crispiness and crunch of the tart shell combined with the tart of the jam makes this dish the best thing one can ask for after a heavy dinner. It’s not the sweetest thing in the world which is why your grandmother will love it all the more.
  4. Panna Cotta with Strawberry jam: This dish can be a little tricky to make but the good thing is that you can make the panna cotta in advance and can make a sauce with the strawberry jam to compliment the sweetness of the dish.

If you’re thinking about luxury fruit baskets nothing is more luxurious than working in the kitchen the whole day to give your queen of a grandmother all the love and food she deserves.



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