Be careful during pregnancy

Pregnancy is something which can bring immense joy to the would be parents. Conceiving though is a complicated process but it is indeed one of the best feelings in the world. Giving birth to a new life is not a very easy thing.

Once you conceive, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible if you have not contacted them before. There are some best gynaecology treatments in India that one can avail. The doctors can help the patient in every possible step during the nine months of pregnancy. They tell you on what to eat and what not during that time and also on other things like on how much work they should do to till how many hours they need to take a sleep or rest. They also make an exercise chart for one who is pregnant which will keep them healthy and flexible in this tenure. They also take care of the nutritional intake of the future mother so that the foetus can grow properly and then turn into a healthy baby.

Through this phase one can learn a lot of things which they have not done earlier. There are lot of changes that happen to the body and the system. One has to take extra care of their movement and more importantly what they eat when they are pregnant. It is true that once you get pregnant you will always crave for your favourite food and those spicy foods which soothe your taste buds. But you cannot do that always. In fact you have to cut down all those spicy and junk foods for the sake of your baby. But how will one know what to eat and what to avoid? It is always a good idea to take help of an expert on what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy.

Many people advice you to eat more because you have another life growing inside you. Do not ever do that. Your gynaecologist will tell you much intake you need on an everyday basis to keep yourself fit and fine. At the same the gynaecologist can suggest you a dietician who will take care of your daily protein and calcium intake of your body so that the growing foetus can get nutrition from it. So eating heavy is not at all the solution. Eating right is. They will let you know what to eat and what to avoid during this tenure.

It is always advised that a pregnant woman should eat a lot of fish with omega 3 fatty acids and well cooked meat to have protein intake in their body during this time. Also healthy dairy products are a must in their regular diet.

But not only this, one also needs to remain flexible during this tenure. A little bit of light exercise every day or half an hour of walk can keep the body moving and this helps a lot during the time of delivery. Also the other things that is mandatory is 8 hours of sound sleep every day.

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